26 Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

To make this event even easier, you can also partner with a local car wash. That way, you’ll get a lot more customers from people who are already looking for a car wash that day. Christmas time offers up all sorts of opportunities to raise funds for your school. Participants in a Santa run have fun—and get some exercise while raising funds for your school.
Of course, you can change the amount to $50 or anything else you’d like. The donations can be in the form of gift certificates, discounts, or products from their store. These stands are often successful because you can purchase food and drink in bulk, and then sell them individually for a profit. If non profit fundraising have merchandise for sale (hoodies, t-shirts, socks, coffee mugs, etc), door-to-door sales might work for your team.
Students, teachers or parents can purchase these candies and hand them out on Valentine’s Day. It also provides a fun way for staff to get creative during Valentine’s Day fundraising. Chocolate is a great way to plan secondary and primary school Valentine’s Day fundraising. It draws engagement from your students; plus, chocolate is a staple for many Valentine’s Day traditions. If you are looking to raise cash for your middle school or high school student council, then listen up.
Bulk purchasing is perfect to help you meet your goals fast. ‘Smart Snacks’ are foods that meet national nutritional standards. So as long as the first ingredient on the label is ‘popcorn’, then general standards are met. The nutritional facts of each flavor must be checked to verify standards are met. You’re also eligible for price discounts based on how much you order. We accept purchase orders with no payment due until 15 days after delivery.
Pick a beautiful day for outdoor games, treats, and prizes! Have your students register for the event with a flat fee or invite the school parents to get active with the kids. Explore the big games like relay races or the smaller pay-to-play games like the ring toss and enjoy all the baked goods you possibly can.