12 Back-to-School Fall Fundraising Ideas for Your Nonprofit

That’s why, Screen Free Challenge Fundraisers, where kids are sponsored for spending time away from all devices are a great way to raise funds and to get students playing outdoors. Floreat Park Primary School fundraised over $3,600 in their Screen Free Challenge. At middle school fundraising ideas or on the field, this one is a hu-la-ta (a whole lotta… we’ll show ourselves out) fun for participants and spectators alike. Make it a P2P fundraiser or a ticketed outdoor event—what matters is that everyone twists their hips to the 50’s music and has a good time. Like the ice bucket challenge before it, the idea here is to think up some memorable activity, and then get your supporters to do it, share it, and pass it on.
A lemonade stand is a great way for individuals to raise money on a nice sunny day. The key here is to make homemade, freshly squeezed lemonade to sell. With a profit margin as high as 70% and no money needed upfront, The ABC Fundraising® custom flip-flop fundraiser is sure to be a winner. Prior to working with DoJiggy, she worked at several non-profits and managed special event fundraising. Contact local businesses and other community members to see they wish to donate some of their items to your sale.
You can also ask each member of the team to hit specific fundraising goals to help you keep the team running for the season. You can get a better number by talking to previous league coaches, or your community sports administration. Find out your specific prices for your area, and plan a budget.
You can ask members to go through some of their old belongings and set aside things that they no longer need. To support your middle school or high school, organize a 21+ only bar crawl to the local pubs. If you want to bring out each parents’ inner child, pick a theme and invite PTA members to dress up in onesies, ugly sweaters, or retro school uniforms.
The fall semester is perfect for promoting CW Home while families prepare for the winter holidays. Students and parents love this fundraiser because of the home delivery, online fundraising option, and up to 40% profits. Speaking of goals, it’s always a good idea when preparing for a fundraiser to define the monetary goal as well as how the money will benefit students and the school. For example, if students are encouraged to raise $10,000 for their school, it would help for them to know that with those funds new technology will be purchased for classrooms. This is also helpful for students to be able to share with supporters and potential donors. A raffle is often held in conjunction with a bake sale/yard sale or other fundraising event.
Make it more exciting by hosting a movie or raffle draw along with the auction. Ask your students to write our different unique recipes and put all of these together in a recipe book. You can create e-copies of the book and ask parents to place orders and make payments for the recipe book using a Formplus payment form. Art can never go wrong with toddlers, and it gets even better when there’s a fundraising campaign attached to it. You can upload images of the different creative pieces on your school website and get parents to place orders and process payments via a Formplus payment form.
With a shoe drive fundraiser, you can give these shoes a new life while raising money for your team. 5Ks and Fun runs are classic fundraising opportunities that encourage the runners and walkers of your community to come out and support your cause. Fundraising 5Ks are straightforward racing events where participants pay an entry fee to participate. With a pledge fundraising campaign, participants (likely team members) gather support in the form of pledges, or promised donations to be collected at a future date.